Financing options to start your business or project

Financing options to start your business or project

A few days ago, we published an article about the beginnings of some of the largest and most valuable companies in the world: Apple, Google, Amazon, Nike and Disney. These companies have something in common, they started out in a garage with very few resources; however, they also obtained investments that brought in large sums of capital, which allowed them to grow rapidly.

In Mexico many business ideas cannot become reality or remain in time for lack of capital. Fortunately, in recent years support for entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises has been strengthened. You can find several options to finance your business or project. Here are some of them.


In other words, collective funding means that several people can help finance almost any type of project in exchange for a profit or reward.

Kickstarter Mexico. It is a model for new creators looking for money to finance a project, among the general public. If you are an artist, musician, filmmaker, designer, or relate to the creative industries, you can establish the amount you require to carry out your project and seek donations.

If you do not reach the goal, the money collected is returned in full to the patrons. If you reach the goal, rewards are usually offered to those who supported you.

Donadora is a website that allows you to raise donations online for any cause or social initiative. They also provide accompaniment for your campaign to be successful.

Unlike Kicktarter, if you don’t reach the goal, they do give you the funds raised, so that your idea can have a momentum and can be realized.

Playbussines is a crowdfunding equity platform for collective investment in scalable Mexican startups. This tool allows anyone to make investments from 100 pesos to 10 million pesos per month, according to the goal you set for your business.

When it comes to equity, investors become owners of a percentage of the profits generated by the company, therefore, the more the company grows, the more will increase the value of the money invested.

Indiegogo allows people to apply for funds for an idea, a charity or a start-up. It’s all in one. Donations or investments can be made in which income is shared.

This portal also functions as an online shop, where innovations from successful crowdfunding campaigns are marketed. In other words, you will be able to make your first sales.

RocketHub encourages grant and equity-based financing for a wide variety of projects.

They help you in the promotion and marketing of your donation or investment campaign for the success of your campaign.

Public institutions

The National Institute of Entrepreneurs (INADEM) is a decentralized administrative body of the Ministry of Economy, which aims to support entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises. It promotes innovation, competitiveness and projection in national and international markets to increase its contribution to economic development and social welfare.

INADEM concentrates information from public and private institutions that can help you finance your project. Among the calls that you can find are those of institutions such as: Conacyt, Inmujeres, Imjuve, Sagarpa, the same Secretariat of Economy, among others.

Online Loans

Internet business loans are issued by specialized financial technology companies or Fintech. They operate under the crowdfunding scheme. In this case people lend you the money to start your business and in exchange you pay them a certain interest rate.

In this way the money can be obtained faster and with much more attractive rates than pawnshops, sofoles or lenders with guarantees. Among the best credits in this area we have to:

Kubo Financiero lends you from 5 thousand to 100 thousand with an interest rate that can be 16.5%, 32.5% or 52.6%, depending on your credit score.

Doopla lends from 10 thousand pesos to 300 thousand pesos with an interest rate between 12% and 18%.

Konfío. Loans up to 150 thousand pesos with an interest rate of 60%. The financing is from 10 thousand to 250 thousand pesos with an interest rate of 11.96% to 47.02%.

Fair Credit. It offers up to 6 million pesos in financing for an SME with an interest rate of 26 to 35%.


One of the most common ways to access and compete in lost fund competitions is for you to enter your idea or your business into an incubator or accelerator, because they will prepare you for this type of competition.

Some companies that give great incentives are Fundación Citibanamex, Fundación Calos Slim, Fundación Walmart, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Everis, among others.

Angel Investor

They are people with experience in the field of business who contribute money to projects that may be of interest to them. Best of all, if they give you the money, it’s because they’ve studied your project. In exchange for their financing, they will probably ask you for a considerable portion of their business. If you feel comfortable trading shares for an economic boost, go ahead.

Finally, we can close with a quote, which summarizes the financing process: “There are different sources of financing for your business depending on the stage you are in, but without a doubt, the principle is always the same: first invest yourself, then convince the 3 F’s (Family, Friends & Fans) and then bring private investors.